Measuring a value perpendicular to minimum feret diameter

Hi all,

I’m trying to automatically measure the length and width of a number of rectangle objects in ImageJ.

I take in an image, crop to size, convert to 8-bit then make binary. I have used the plugin available here: which assigns the Feret diameter as a length, then measures the maximum value perpendicular to the length to find the width.

The issue I have is that with rectangles, this plugin gives me diagonal measurements instead of side length and width measurement.
Is there a way to alter this plugin to use the minimum Feret value (which would be the short side of the rectangle) instead of the Feret value?

Thanks for your time!

The Feret diameter of a rectangle is one of its diagonals, so that plugin is working fine.
Maybe what you are looking for is the “rotating callipers” algorithm. Can’t remember if there is one such plugin available (maybe in BoneJ?).