Measuring a polygon selection all segments length and angle or all vertex coordinates

I need the geometry from a marked polygon, e.g. all vertex coordinates or a reference vertex and polygon segment’s length and angle.

Any reference to a plugin or example is appreciated.


Hello Klas -

Provided your “marked polygon” is packaged as a PolygonRoi,
you can query the PolygonRoi for its vertices.

Here is a jython (python) script that demonstrates this:

from ij.gui import Roi
from ij.gui import PolygonRoi

roi = PolygonRoi ([135, 160, 110], [110, 160, 160], Roi.POLYGON)
print  roi
print  roi.getXBase()
print  roi.getXCoordinates()
print  roi.getYBase()
print  roi.getYCoordinates()

Note that the PolygonRoi vertices, as returned by
getXCoordinates() and getYCoordinates(), are relative
to the upper left corner of the Roi, as returned by getXBase()
and getYBase().

Thanks, mm

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With macros:

getSelectionCoordinates(xpoints, ypoints)
Returns two arrays containing the X and Y coordinates, in pixels, of the points that define the current selection. See the SelectionCoordinates macro for an example. See also: selectionType, getSelectionBounds.

newImage ("hexagons", "8-bit ramp", 512, 512, 1); 
run("Select None");
// These macros demonstrate how to use the
// getSelectionCoordinates function.
macro "List XY Coordinates" {
     getSelectionCoordinates(x, y);
     for (i=0; i<x.length; i++)
         print(i+" "+x[i]+" "+y[i]);

@Mountain_man and @Mathew thanks for your suggestions. I will try them out.