Measuriing Aorta wall thickness

Hello everyone,

I am VERY new to Imagej. Recently, my boss requested that I find a way to measure diameter and wall thickness of a set of stained aortas we have. I have found diameterJ to help with the diameter measurements, but I can’t seem to find a way to properly measure the thickness of the wall. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Welcome to the ImageJ community !!!

Can you post an original dataset ?? This will help us help you … Just describe what you need to measure as thoroughly as possible.


I have not taken the pictures yet due to issues with the microscope. I have downloaded some pictures of aortas from the internet to mess with imagej in hopes to get it all figured out by the time the microscope is fixed. This is a sample of what the pictures I will be taking will look like. I want to be able to measure the thickness of the aorta wall in several different locations and get an average.

Hi @Kennaree

I created a small KNIME Image Processing workflow for that.

What I do in the workflow:

  1. Segment whole aorta.
  2. Segment inner part of aorta.
  3. Compute for both segments the centroid distance features with the “Segment Features” Node.
  4. Subtract the centroid distances from each other, which will result in the thickness of the wall.
  5. Compute min, mean and max and write it out to a csv file.

Here (1.7 MB) you can download the workflow.

For the provided image I get the following results:
Mean: 44.705
Max: 66.314
Min: 30.75

Which looks reasonable.


What are the units for those measurements?

“pixels”, I assume that the pixels are quadratic. The final unit depends on your resolution.

My computer can’t seem to open that file you attached. What program do I need to open it? or is it a plugin I add to ImageJ?


No worries. As @tibuch said… as long as your images are calibrated, you can get the measurements you need in the appropriate units.


The file I uploaded is a KNIME workflow.

I am a little confused as to how to convert from pixels to mm. Sorry, like I said, I am very new to this program. Unfortunately everyone who knew the program are no longer working with us, so I have to figure this all out.

Thank you so much. I have a feeling it will take me a little bit to figure out how to work KNIME, but at least I have a start!


Don’t worry… you can always post more questions here on the Forum if you need down-the-road…

But for calibrating your images - perhaps you will have that metadata stored in your images (depends on your system/acquisitions). If that is the case - you will automatically have the correct pixel width/height info for your images. If not - you can manually adjust using Image Properties.