Hi all,

I’m currently trying to measure TOTAL SUM of areas of Tertiary identified Objects (basically fluorescence cytoplasm).
My question is related to the module “MeasureObjcetAreaShape”, in particular to the value “IntegratedIntensity”.

Does the “IntegratedIntensity” value sum all areas of each identified object (in my case cytoplasm) or is that an averaged value of the areas of all identified objects?

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Hi Michele,

One point of clarification: I take it that you mean MeasureObjectIntensity to get IntegratedIntensity, not MeasureObjectAreaShape, correct?

If you are actually talking about the sum of the fluorescence, the IntegratedIntensity for an object is the sum of the intensities for all pixels within that object. So each object will receive an IntegratedIntensity value once the MeasureObjectIntensity module is run. This won’t give you the total intensity of all objects, though.

If you are actually looking for the total sum of object areas (not intensity), try the following:
(1) ConvertObjectToImage to change your tertiary objects back into an image, using ‘binary’ as the color
(2) MeasureImageAreaOccupied on the binary image with the threshold set to “Other”, and then given the value 0.

This gives you the number of pixels in the binary image above the given threshold. Since the threshold is set to 0, it counts all pixels in the image. If you then ExportToExcel/ExportToDatabase, the answer you want is in the AreaOccupied field.



Dear Mark,
Thank you for your help.
Of course I meant the value “Area” in the module “MeasureObjectAreaShaspe” but since I was using both modules that moment, I did a mistake.

I’m sorry,