Measurement of the cut surface of a bone


I want to measure the cut surface of the bone.
I subtract the area of the inner circle (blue) from the area of the outer circle (green) in order to get the ring (see picture below).

Which modules do I need?
Unfortunately, I cannot find a module for identifying and measuring the cut surface.

Thank you very much for your support.


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Hi @robingarcia,

Identifying primary and secondary objects should work, no?

Hello robingarcia,
I am not sure I understand the question properly and do not know how many images you intend to use, but the wand tool with appropriate settings will allow you to use Analyze > Measure for the data.
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To clarify, I think you are referring to an option in ImageJ, @smith_robertj?

Hi @robingarcia, welcome to the forum!
Can you clarify whether you have a small number of images are a large set? Does the analysis need to be completely automated? Do the images have the blue/green circles drawn onto them manually, or did you just do that to explain what you hope the software will do automatically?

Hi Anne (DR.)

Yes I am, it is the tool that looks like a ‘Magic Wand’ on the tool bar. By double clicking it you can adjust the amount or range of sensitivity of the sensing. It is then a ROI and can be used in Analyze > Measure.