Measurement after orthogonal view

I work on CT-Scan to measure area and atteniuation.
I may need help to measure the image that one has after viewing an orthogonal view from the stack. I tried to do it without any success. Do anyone has solved this particular problem? Is there a plugin that enables measurements after orthogonal views? And my next question is: Is there any plugin that enables orthogonal view with optional degree instead of 90-degree-view?
I appreciate any answer, it will be definitively helpful.

Hi Gabriel,

The Orthogonal view is just a view, if you want to manipulate/magnify/measure your stack from the side, you need to use the “Reslice” function, which will create a new stack: Image>Stacks>Reslice[/]…

Reslice is limited to building a new stack from top, right, bottom or left views. If you need another angle, you need to rotate the original stack: Image>Transform>Rotate…

I don’t know what you want to measure but you need to be careful with rotation other than multiple of 90 degrees as pixel values are recalculated.



Hi Matthieu,

Thanks alot for the information. My stacks are CT-Scans and I’m planning to not rotate other than 90 degrees, hence you mentioned.

Best regards,