MeasureGranularity module - interpreting output features

Hi CellProfiler Team,

I was wondering if you could give me some additional information about the MeasureGranularity module? Specifically, I’d really like to know more about what the range of the granularity spectrum actually refers to.

For example, if the radius of the structuring element is 5 and I chose 10 as the range of the granular spectrum (and say I kept the subsampling factor at 1), what size structuring elements would the 10 features actually be measuring?

Does the spectrum begin at the radius that I input or does that fall in the middle? And how does the size of the structuring element increase with each step in the granularity spectrum?

Can conclusions be drawn about the absolute size of objects, such as foci, from the granularity measurements output by CellProfiler?

Apologies for the barrage of questions! I couldn’t find the information I’m after in the English references listed, but I’ve got a set of images that are ideal for using granularity and I’d like to be able to understand the data better.

Thank you very much!


Dear Karla,

my team is now trying to understand these things in MeasureGranularity too. In case if you succeed in understanding, could you please help us?
Thank you in advance!

Thanks to @bcimini we now have an explanation! CellProfiler Granularity Measurements