Measure vs Particle Analyser

Hi there,

I’m busy analysing shape parameters of a leaf silhouette (without the petiole) and was wondering what the difference would be between generating these using the ‘Measure’ function vs using the ‘Particle Analyser’? I’ve tested both and they give slightly different results so I was hoping someone could explain the reasoning behind that to me…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA

Hi can,

I don’t quite understand your question so excuse it if it’s off base…

As far I know, the shape parameters won’t change if measured via particle analyser or from measure command. What can change is are the measurements that depend on the pixel intensities.

In this example I thresholded an RGB leaf imag, ran Analyze Particlesm then measures the components of the original image with the Roi Manager.

The first line is the measurement on the binary image so the mean and mode are 255 (white in the binary) and standard deviation is 0.

The next three lines are from measuring the same roi on the RGB stack using the measure function in the ROI Manager. The mean intensities show the is more green than red and very little blue in the original image (as you’d expect).

Measurements that depend only on how the pixels are arranged (Area, X,Y, XM, Major, Minor, Feret, Circ etc) are the same for all four rows.

Measurement that depend on the intensity values (Mean, StdDev, Mode, IntDen, %Area) change depending on the image measured. %Area may be surprising, but looking at the definition this is area if non-zero intensity).

Hope it helps,