Measure the object from related objects

I am a beginner in cell profiler and I couldn’t find the way to extract objects from the results that comes from “related objects”. I have also a problem with “measure Objects Neighbors” that doesn’t work and put the error message(screen shot enclosed). Please find enclosed my pipeline and the error message. Does anybody can help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

Neighborscilia.cppipe (16.4 KB)

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Hello there!

In the exported sheets or database, the “CiliaObjects” have a specified parent “expandedBB”, and the latter have a “number of children Ciliaobjects”. You can also check the option for calculating the per-parent mean for each upstream measurement performed on children objects.

I can’t really help with the error message … (maybe excessive number of neigbors? Legacy module “LoadImages”? No clue…)

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Thanks again @Fabba123 for your answer - yes RelateObjects stores the relationship in the parent object’s table.

As for the error, I suspect that this is a bug that has been fixed already. If this is an ongoing issue, please try our new Beta at