Measure the iregular shape

please help me, anyone in here. how I measure this image?measuring the length or the circle?which one is the best?and how I measure it?thank you before290.tif (4.2 MB)

Hi @tania,

Thanks for posting the image. I fail to see a circle, at best I could describe the image as small black blobs on a grey background with a lot of striping and some freezing artifacts.
It would help us (and thus you) tremendously if you describe the scene, what we see and what you want to measure.

The image makes me wonder if it is EM (then it should be black and white, not RGB, and that reduces the file size by 2/3rds), if it is a scan of a print (that would explain the stripes, that look like a printer’s halftone raster) or if it is the image recorded by a colour camera, then why does it look B/W, is it a photograph of a computer screen maybe?

i take the picture from my microskop…but please teach me how I measure my aggregate by using image J or fiji?the length of aggregate or diameter aggregate or what?thank you for help me

For clarification. Are you trying to get measurements on these gray blob like objects that fill most of the screen in this cropped image. Or measure when the dark speckles aggregate? 290Clarification

Overall you have some uneven illumination that will make this task hard. Is it possible to take images with more even lighting?

thank you for reply my message again… it is release my pain to finish my thesis. Yes, it is difficult to take image more even lighting because the olympus microscope has limits restrictions. I just want to know how I measure the length or area of the grey structure. which one is great? Thank you for help me

How many Images do you have? Can you take a picture with a blank slide so you can correct for illumination issues. Will all your images have the same lighting?

I was able to get this segmentation fairly Easily.

. But as you can see its not 100% perfect. I am also not sure if you have a minimum size you would want to include. Are the small dots bubbles in the mounting media or cells?

Depending on the number of images, you want to process, and the number of aggregates per image you could obtain the measurements for specific particles by hand and manually curating out erroneous ones. This is not best practice as it is not reproducible by someone else. It would be better to develop a workflow that is constant for all. I do not know enough details of the project to answer all relevant questions. Hopefully this is a start for you

run(“Enhance Contrast…”, “saturated=0.3”);
// If you could add a step here to remove your background/ uneven illumination it would be better
run(“Make Binary”);
//I am guessing on the size range that might be relevant to your work
run(“Analyze Particles…”, “size=300-50000 show=Outlines display clear include summarize”);
selectWindow(“Drawing of 290.tif”);
saveAs(“Jpeg”, “/Users/sms/Desktop/sms_20190920/Examples.jpg”);