Measure Object Radial Distance Question


I have been trying to use this particular module for a couple days and I just can’t seem to make it work for me.

I’d like to measure bins starting from the edge of the nuclei (primary object) outwards into four or so bins. I have specified the secondary objects as endosomes and would like to measure their intensity within the bins. But I cannot seem to make this work. I have set the primary and secondary objects, I am using two different images (each has one object isolated).

Is there anything striking I could be doing wrong? Also, is there any way to visualize the outline of each bin?


When you say that you “cannot seem to make this work,” what do you mean exactly? Are your output values nonsensical, are you getting an error, or something else?

Sorry, I guess I am just confused as to how I am to use this feature. I was using a pipeline created by another group and attempted to modify it to fit mine.
I have defined the primary object as the nuclei, and secondary object as endosomes. When the window for secondary object identification comes up it has the whole cell outlined in red as though it can’t locate the endosomes. And when the radial distances window comes up it is showing the intensity from the nucleus outwards but starts within the nucleus itself.

I think I am just unsure of how to indicate I want the measurement to be take from the edge of the nucleus out and for it to measure endosome intensity (ie: recognize it as a secondary object)

Sorry if this is confusing!

Also, how would I be able to have the outline of each of the bins on the image?

The radial measurement is always taken from the object center, either the center of the object itself or another interior object. It is not possible to take a radial measure from the edge of another object.


Was the issue of viewing outlines of each bins on the image ever resolved?