Measure Image Area occupied


I used the module MeasureImageAreaOccupied and I got the results named : AreaOccupied_AreaOccupied_ColocalizedObjects and AreaOccupied_TotalArea_ColocalizedObjects.

Could you please help me figuring out the difference between them ?

Tx in advance.


Hi Tommy,

The Help for the module (Click the “?” button under the pipeline at the bottom left) says:

[quote]AreaOccupied: The total area occupied by the input objects or binary image.

Perimeter: The total length of the perimeter of the input objects/binary image.

TotalImageArea: The total pixel area of the image. [/quote]

So added to this FAQ on measurement names, the former is the area occupied by the object “ColocalizedObjects” and the latter is simply the total area in pixels of the entire image.
Does that help?

Dear David,

thank you so much for your prompted reply, thats really helped me.

Just one tiny thing, when I got the CSV file I noticed ModuleError_03NamesAndT 0. What does it mean ?

Attached please find the file.

Tx in advance,

Image.csv (15.3 KB)

The columns that are prefixed “ModuleError” simply report whether a module returned an error during an analysis run. The entry is “0” if no error, and a “1” if an error was encountered. Naturally, you would want all the entries to be "0 :smiley: