Measure Image Area Occupied output in CellProfiler

I am having trouble figuring out how to obtain the data output of the module “MeasureImageAreaOccupied”. I have a screen shot of the modules I am running attached. I am not sure if there is a different data export method for MeasureImageAreaOccupied other than “ExportToSpreadsheet” because right now all of the spreadsheets just obtain the RelateObjects measurements. Is there another option other than ExportToSpreadsheet that allows you to obtain the data from certain modules?



You should be getting multiple spreadsheets after running your spreadsheet, several which will have the names of any objects you generate during the pipeline but also two called “MyExpt_Test2_Image” and “MyExpt_Test2_Experiment”. The one that ends in Image will contain your percentage area occupied as it is an image level measurement.

Further, if you go to the “Select the measurements to export” that can be seen in the above spreadsheet and select yes you will then be able to open a box where you can select and unselect which measurements are in your various spreadsheets.

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