Measure distribution uniformity of iPSC colonies on CellProfiler

Has anyone tried quantifying cell distribution in a well within CellProfiler? I need to get a measure of how uniformly cells are seeded since some previous experiments resulted in cell concentrating only in the center of the well. Also, iPSCs grow in colonies and it is difficult to identify single cells. For example, I would want to see the difference between these 2 images in terms of distribution

A6_-1_1_1_Stitched[GFP 469,525]_001.tiff (3.1 MB) B4_-1_1_1_Stitched[GFP 469,525]_001.tiff (3.2 MB)

The MeasureObjectIntensityDistribution module should help you here, if you define “wells” as an object, and measure the intensity of cell markers.