Measure distances while cell counting

Hey Guys,

I need some help. I would like to count cells and assign them to different categories/groups.

For this I use the “cell counter” plugin. Sometimes I have to measure the diameter of a cell to know which category to assign it to. Is there an easy way to do it, while the plugin is opened?

Currently I’m using the “Save markers” button, open the image again and measure the cell. Then I have to open the image again, initialize it and load the markers into it.

Is it not possible to measure a distance and then continue counting without having to close and reopen the image again and again? Sometimes it is difficult to find the exact right cell for so many cells when the markers have disappeared during the measurement process. So such a possibility would also help me to find the right cell series.

The multi-point tool does not seem to be an option to me, because I can’t continue counting after the measurement.



I don’t know much about the plugin since I normally use QuPath for this sort of thing, but when I do I call the Feret measurments through ImageJ. Two of those are the short and long axis diameters of the object in question. So if you can run Measurements on those cells, somehow, you could probably use the long Feret diameter (MaxFeret).

Maybe you will need to generate a mask based off of the cells? I am not sure.

Thank you very much. With QuPath it works very well! =)