Measure directionality on a calcium wave



Hi, I’m trying to measure a clacium wave on a series of images taken over time. The cells that I’m trying to measure are conected, so you can see a calcium wave propagation in the culture. I have been trying with roi manager to analyze fluctuations in each cell, but I have no idea how to measure a wave, to mark a start point, correlation of the response between two cells, etc.
Also, I was using "integrated density, since the cells have different sizes, but I saw in another post that I should use “mean grey value”, can you explain that please?

Thanks in advance!!!


Hi Ana,

For visual inspection, you might try using the line ROI tool, placing the line along the direction of wave propagation. Use Analyze>Plot Profile tool (turn on live), and press play on your timeseries.

Happy to chat more about this, we’ve also been interested in quantifying calcium waves in tissues.



thank you, @kephale, my tutor suggested that too, but i’m trying to do something more “objective”, and not only where I want to start the measure. I’m trying to find something, some plugin that helps me to find the brightest cell, and then where the wave go. Or if there are multiple start points of different waves (sorry for bad english, Idk ho to explain that better)
Did you try something on this topic?


We have been putting together some code to measure the temporal patterns by using the graph of cell connectivity, but it isn’t finished yet. I’m happy to post it when we get it working though!