Measure Center of Gravity

I would like to measure the center of gravity of cells based taking signal intensity into account. By just using the center of the cell, you will often end up in the nucleus. By using the cell as object but signal intensity to determine the “center of gravity” you can find the center of that signal. I use this for determining e.g. the center of the golgi or the center of lysosomes in the cell. With this center I use radial distribution to measure e.g. scattering of the golgi or lysosomes. I have attached the module that I use in CellProfiler 1 and would like to have in CellProfiler 2 as well


measurecentergravityintensity.m (6.92 KB)

Hi Coen,

Another user has recently made a similar request and we have added this to the MeasureObjectIntensity module. It will be included in the next release, but if you’re daring, you can try it out with our latest public build from source code here.

The trunk build is not as heavily vetted as our releases, so you should take that into account; please note the caveats mentioned on the page linked.