Measure area and length

Hi, is there a way in ImageJ to measure and show the area and the length of an object in the same results window automatically ?

I did get the area automatically after using Analyze Particles but the only way I found to get the length is to do it by hand with the tool.

Thank you !

Dear Penny,
You can select the types of measurement carried out and included in the results table by using ‘Analysis → Set Measurements’. Selecting either ‘Bounding Rectangle’ or ‘Shape Descriptors’ includes the length measurement for a line selection.
As you talk also about area measurements, I suspect that you don’t use a line selection. In that case you have to ask yourself how you actually define the length of your object. ‘Fit Ellipse’ or ‘Feret’s Diameter’ might be suitable options depending on your object shape.
Hope this helps,