Measure and Label issue: label same color as background in very small. Cell area measurements

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Hi everyone,

The image above is of fat cells that have been preserved with PFA then stained with H&E to see nuclei and cell walls.

Analysis goals

I have been trying to measure fat cell volume using the Measure and Label macro (following Quantifying Size and Number of Adipocytes in Adipose Tissue by Parlee et al 2014) after having issues with Adiposoft. I process the raw image (Color Threshold-> binary) and you can see the resulting image above (black lines and white background).


When I run the Measure and Label macro it does a nice job of measuring the cell, however the label is incredibly small and white (can see in the red circle), so it makes its almost impossible to tell which ones I have already measured. I can’t figure out (nor have been able to find anything on) how to change the font size or color (changing the text tool font did nothing and I haven’t been able to change the measure and label macro as it is a .class extension) so that I can see the label. I also tried changing the color picker, but it always defaults to white/white when using the wand tool to select the cell I want to measure.

Thank you so much for your time and help,

PS here is an example of the original image:

Sorry! Here is the plugin information also:Measure And Label

Not sure I understand fully, but is there any reason not to measure them all at the same time (with Analyze->Analyze Particles…)? Assuming you had a size threshold and “fill holes” to remove the spots in the middle.

Then you do not need to label cells one at a time, and it might be easier to go back and delete the ROIs that you do not want, as there is no chance of double deleting them.

But if you want to change the font size or color, it should be doable here,

through the ROI Manager.

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A quick test with Analyze Particles.

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Ah, that looks like it would circumvent the whole problem! Nope, there is no reason to not do that method besides I did not think of it and was following another protocol. I will try that when I get back onto that computer and see how it goes with everything. Thank you for the information and pictures!

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