Meaning of Measurements units

Hi All,

Just a quick one, I was wondering is there any document or post explaining QuPath’s measurement units - such as Centroid X µm; Centroid Y µm; caliper; Eccentricity; OD; Nucleus/Cell area ratio …
What’s do they stand for?
What they represent? etc

For instance if i want to compute and compare protein between cytoplasm and nuclei; is there a way of achieving this using the existing units?

Thanking you for anticipation

There are lots of ways to make measurements in QuPath, via different commands.

I’m afraid the meaning of all measurements are not systematically documented, but they should be relatively ‘standard’ and I describe some of them in the YouTube tutorials. Note that OD stands for ‘optical density’, and relates to color deconvolution.

Perhaps, but it will depend a lot upon the details of what exactly you want to compare and how. If you can post more information, and example images, someone may be able to help more.

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