MBF Bundle installation

I have been using MBF Bundle on ImageJ on my work computer, and am now using my personal computer, which is a Mac that runs OS High Sierra. I have followed the steps for installing a plugin: downloading, and copy/pasting into the plugins folder in ImageJ, but I have not been able to find the tools I have been using. On my work computer I am able to go to Plugins>Particle Analysis>Nucleus Counter. But now when I go to Plugins I don’t have any of those options. How can I use the MBF Bundle features?


Hi Concetta,

could you provide a link to what you downloaded? Not everybody is familiar with the MBF Bundle.


I guess you’re referring to the MBF Plugin Collection:

Note that, as mentioned on that page, the MBF Bundle is unmaintained. I’d suggest using the Cookbook update site instead:


The reply below has the correct link

Thanks a bunch, I am switching to this plugin.