MaximumFinder().getMaxima() always return 0 with Image1.52n

Within Fiji, the following jython macro returns indeed a number of maxima until ImageJ 1.52k but with the last 1.52n it always returns 0, for any images.
I could not find ImageJ 1.52l and m to test them.

#@ ImagePlus imp
from ij.plugin.filter import MaximumFinder

Tolerance = 0.1

print imp.getProcessor()
Polygon = MaximumFinder().getMaxima(imp.getProcessor(), Tolerance, excludeOnEdge)
print Polygon.npoints

Can someone confirm that they have a similar behaviour ?


Please provide a test image.

I will be back in the office on Tuesday. But I observed it with some sample images too (Lena and blobs for instance)

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This 1.52n regression is fixed in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.52o10). Here is JavaScript code that reproduces the problem:

  imp = IJ.openImage("");
  ip = imp.getProcessor();
  prominence = 35;
  polygon = new MaximumFinder().getMaxima(ip, prominence, excludeOnEdge);

Great, thank you Wayne for the quick fix!

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