Maximum number of images?

I have around 3000 images x 4 channels to process, makes 12000 images. When I want to start my pipeline, I get a missing images error. When I distribute these 12K images into subfolders and start the pipeline on one of those subfolders, it works perfectly. Is there some kind of maximum number of images I should be aware of? How can I circumvent this error?



Hi Till,

There is no imposed limit on the number of images. I would guess that some metadata in LoadImages is causing trouble, but it is hard to tell without seeing your pipeline (please post it!)

Just some ideas to look at first in LoadImages:

  • Do you have "Analyze all subfolders… " checked?
  • Are you extracting metadata in LoadImages (“Extract metadata from where?”)?
  • Are the files named exactly the same in any of the folders?
  • Are you grouping by metadata? If so, try unchecking the “Check image sets for missing or duplicate files”