Maximum number of images



A question from a user:

Also I would like to know,what is the maximum number of images that can be loaded in the cell profiler at one stretch.


CellProfiler does not ‘load in’ all the images at once. Rather, upon starting each image cycle it looks at the list of image files (created by the LoadImages module) and chooses the next one on the list to open. So, that list can be very long (we often process 100,000 images) but it does not strain the memory of the computer because it’s not opening all images, it is just checking whether they are all found. It will take about 15 minutes when starting the analysis for CellProfiler to check whether all 100,000 images can be found, but after that it will go smoothly).

So there really is no maximum number of images that can be loaded, although it may take a long time for your computer to find them all (especially depending on the speed of your network connection).