Max inscribed circles

i want to measure the max inscribed circle in neurons. i have already ubdated my fiji/imagej version, but this plugin does not appear in the plugin list. The same problem i have with the shape filter plugin…
could anyone help me what i should do to get this plugin?


If you are talking about this plugin for the max inscribed circles, then you need to make sure that you checked the PTBIOP update site, which contains it.

This should have created a BIOP entry under Plugins, and you should find it there.
If you cannot find it, try pressing “L” to reach the command finder and typing ‘circles’

This should help you locate it.

On a side-note I would be very interested so see what you are using this plugin for, as I had not thought about its use with neurons.

All the best


thanks for your answer! but sorry, it doesn’t work. i opend the commend finder and add “circles” (as you did), but i didn’t recieve the same options as you. in my case i could only apply striped circles…
on the website of the biomedgroup is the description of this plugin, but no download option…
i just checked again my plugin list: i have a lot of bio-formats options but no plugin called “BIOP”… are these the same or different plugins?maybe this is the problem…?

Hi Vanessa,

Let us try again, and I would need some help from you.

First, you did not answer my question, is the plugin you want to use the one on this webpage ?


What is this website? If you mention it, it would be useful if you provided a link.

Bio-Formats is something completely different, so you have lost me there.

Now let’s get some common vocabulary

Max Inscribed Circles is a plugin that was made at the BioImaging And Optics Platform (BIOP) et the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Like I said, if you want to use this plugin, you need to enable the PTBIOP update site.

Open Fiji > Help > Update…

Now click on “Manage Update Sites” and on the list, scroll down to “PTBIOP” and tick it.

Finally restart Fiji and now you should have a BIOP Menu under Plugins