Maven pom: find repository

I have a probably very simple maven question.
For instance, this works very nice to find the dependency:;classname~bdv.util.BdvFunctions


However where do I have to look on this webpage to find which repository I have to add?

Hi @Christian_Tischer,

you’ll find the repository at the bottom of the artifact tab:

In the list of Repositories (from the sidebar), you’ll find that e.g. the path for the repository ‘Releases’ is:

In your own project’s pom.xml, it should be sufficient to just add the public repository group, as it’s shown in the example-imagej-command project:

Thanks a lot for the fast answer! That works!

Two more questions:

1.) Does the repository id matter?
The way you showed one can find the repository url, can I just choose any id?

2.) Do you know who makes this nice webpage: Could it be suggested to add the repository import statement to the Maven tab?

I guess you can just try :wink:
As I always just copied the code from the example project, and never need to change it because all artifacts in the ImageJ universe are served by that same repository group, I never actually cared.

Just looking at the page title and doing a quick search, it seems to be this open source project:

ok. this combination works:

      <relativePath />




Thanks! In fact I think I am mainly having issues understanding when IntelliJ really works from the pom.xml and when it is using some locally cache .jar files; this makes the debugging really confusing. Do you know IntelliJ?

turns out I needed to actually only add one more repository for using some imglib1 algorithms, which are as far as I know not yet available in imglib2.

        <!-- needed for
        - mpicbg.imglib.algorithm
        - mpicbg.imglib.image

And thanks again for pointing out the imagej.public repository. For me neither of those sites: nor this really point to it.