Matlab version and tool boxes




In order to run CP Cluster MATLAB version, what are the MATLAB Toolboxes required?Is there any restriction on the MATLAB version I can use?

Could anyone kindly tell me what Matlab toolboxes are needed for Developer versions of Cell Profiler and CPCluster?



Hi Aravind,

The Developer’s version of either CellProfiler of CPCluster require only Matlab and the Image Processing Toolbox. If you want to compile it then you would need the Matlab Compiler as well.

We are running and developing in Matlab 7.4 (2007a) now and, while it may work in previous versions, we don’t offer any guarantees! We fairly recently switched from 2006b, so it will very likely work fine with that, too.

Oh, and this post would be better placed in “CellProfiler Help” index, rather than “Bugs”. :smile: {Moved}