MATLAB mex file incompatibility GCC_3.3 not found



Hi Mike,

I’ve got a question I was hoping you could help me out with. The Cellprofiler source code was running great off unix until I tried to use the propagation method to find cell cytoplasms. It then gave the following error message relating to the MEX file IdentifySecPropagateSubfunction.mexglx. It would seem that there is some sort of incompatibility with the gcc version…Im unable really to figure the error message out. I’ve enclosed a word document with a screen capture of the error message.

Any thoughts you may have on how to fix it would be much appreciated.




Hi Piyush,

This is a really annoying bug that is more MATLAB’s problem then our’s, but this should work:

Open a terminal (NOT MATLAB) and type:
cd $MATLAB (if this doesn’t work, just cd to the directory where MATLAB is installed)
cd sys/os/glnx86
mkdir old
mv libstdc++.* lib2c.* libgcc_s* old

Then delete the mexglx file in CellProfiler/Modules and re-compile by typing in the MATLAB prompt:

mex IdentifySecPropagateSubfunction.cpp

I think it puts the new mexglx file in the CellProfiler/Modules directory, but if not, you can move it there so someone doesn’t delete it.