Matlab Image processing

Hello all,
First, I want some help in my graduation project in making image processing I want to calculate the X, Y coordinates of the object placed on a table relative to the camera place as is illustrated on the photo the box is the object WIN_20190430_22_55_56_Pro|666x500

According to the title of this thread, you are posting in the wrong forum, try the Matlab website.

This forum is open for discussions about image processing with any software, so also Matlab-based questions are welcome here.

From your post title and content, however, I’m not sure I understand what you’re looking for. You tagged your post with #imagej, but mention Matlab in the title. Do you require a specific tool, or are you open for solutions with any tool?

It seems your image didn’t upload. Can you try again, please?

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In that case the tag is wrong.