MatLab expert wanted

I’m looking for a person, who could help me in my semestr final work:
“The use of image analysis and processing methods in the diagnosis of abdominal pathological states.”

It should be done at MatLab, but I don’t have any idea how to do it.
Can anyone give me advice? Maybe someone has met the topic and is able to give me some advice and share your knowlage.

Please, I’ll be very grateful.

Your request is quite broad. There are some threads here and there where Matlab is discussed.
Are you on a Matlab forum?

What kind of images are you looking to process? Do you have experience in Matlab yet?

Are you using tutorials to teach yourself image processing in Matlab?
This video here could be a start (if you type “image analysis matlab” or “image processing matlab tutorial” in google quite a few nice videos pop up):

In this PDF there’s a link to various examples too:

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Hi @Lillynette,
as @Danielle_Z mentioned, your question is quite broad and it is not totally clear what is needed. Do you need to use the existing Matlab functions or existing software packages to analyse images or you need to develop your own procedure?
The analysis depends on type of imaging that you are aiming to analyse. In some cases, you can use automatic methods to segment the areas of interest and quantify them (for example, their area, diameter, intensity of underlying image); in many others, you have to stick (stuck) with doing all the same manually.
In any case, Matlab has many useful functions and good examples on how to use them, so please check the Image Processing and Computer Vision section ( The good starting point is Image Processing toolbox (
In addition, Mathworks in the recent releases started to include ready made solutions for various image processing tasks. You can also check the source code of MIB (, which is utilizing many of these and other functions for image processing in Matlab.

I recommend you to find a local bio-image analyst, he/she will be able to guide you.

Thank you for your answer. I don’t have any experience in using MatLab, only theoretically, without any exercise and practise. I’m intrested in DICOM standard. I was trying to watch the tutorials, but in Poland MatLab isn’t very popular and I have problem understaning some of the commands.

Hi, I apologize for the intricate question without details, I was really nervous.
I need to show, how to work with the DICOM standard to let diagnose abdominal pathology on it, using the existing MatLab functions.

Matlab has special set of function to work with dicom files.
Start from here:
There are few examples that should guide you how to open and display them, at the end of the page there are links to other dicom-related functions.
Also Bio-Formats are capable of loading these files, so if you want a ready-made solution you can use MIB for loading the files (you need to check the Bio checkbox in the Directory contents panel of MIB to enable the bio-formats reader).

If you have no Matlab license available to yourslef, perhaps you could have a look into Octave:

This is open-source software, you could play with this if you don’t have a Matlab license. It is largely compatible with Matlab (which means you can run Matlab scripts in it).
See here more info related to DICOM with Octave: