Mathematical Morphology

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I would like to know what are the operations to be done on the black and white image to have the colorful image.

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Master_SV_UE_ITIB_TP4_2 Master_SV_UE_ITIB_TP4_3

Hi @Melanie,

If you use Analyze Particles (with a minimum size filter to exclude some of the smaller objects) with Count Masks selected from the “Show:” mask then a second image will be created with all the particles in different shades of grey. If you apply some of the look up tables (LUTs( to that then you will get something like the result on the right. I don’t know that LUT specifically but try out the Glasbey ones for a similar result.


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ok I will try, thank you very much

Hi @Melanie,

Some complements to the previous answer;

To relate your question to Mathematical Morphology, the key operation in this case is called “connected components labeling”. The “Analyze Particles” tools allows to perform this operation together, and also integrates additional features such as selection of regions based on size / shape criteria. From your example it seems a filtering operation was also applied.

There are several plugins for Mathematical Morphology with ImageJ. For 2D images, you may consider the plugin collection from Gabriel Landini, or the MorphoLibJ library (disclaimer: I’m one of the authors of MorphoLibJ…). In MorphoLibJ we also included plugins for conversion from label image into RGB image.