Matching coordinates between images

I have two images of exact same dimensions. One of the images contains cells as points, let’s call points-image, and the other image contains regions, call regions-image. I am segmenting regions from regions-image and points from points-image. I want the centroids from the points-image to match the coordinates of the regions-image.

Currently, the coordinates don’t match. What should I do? Thanks.

Hi @Kasthuri_Kannan,

It sounds like you have one image based on pixels, while the other image has (still) a scale in (micro)meters.
It would help if you post an example of both, including the regions file (I assume you refer to a RoiManager data set).
Meanwhile, check the Analyze>Set Scale.. and verify the units are the same and so is the scaling.

Thank you for your quick reply. It could be a scale issue. I am attaching both images. It will be great if you could suggest a best way to accomplish this. I want to segment the red and green regions in the regions-image with the coordinates of the points in the points-image. I did check the scaling and they seem to be the same.

regions-image.tif (3.6 MB) points-image.tif (4.2 MB)

How do you determine the regions and the points?

Hi @eljonco,

These are microscopy images. Btw, thank you for the very useful advise on setting the scale. I fixed the problem. It was timely pointer.

Kind regards