Matching co-ordinates in DICOMs from two angles

Hi all,

I’ve got a DICOM that I’ve managed to get into imageJ after quite a few technical issues. The actual image is a CT scan of a bucket of rocks. I want to be able to get an X, Y, and Z measurement of the spaces between the rocks. To do this I want to be able to measure the X and Y on one slice of the DICOM, and then look at an orthogonal slice (e.g. top down view instead of side on) of the same point and measure the Z component.

I’ve got my DICOM in there, and I can use the Image > Stacks > Reslice function to get another stack from the top down view, and I know how to measure distances on both. The issue I have is that the co-ordinates don’t match up between the two views so I can’t be sure that I’m measuring the same point.

Could anyone help me with a method for either dropping a mark that shows up at the same point in both slices, or any other way to match them up? The way it looks when you run Image > Stacks > Orthogonal View is good (the crosshairs match in all views) but you can’t use a measuring tool in that view as far as I can see, unfortunately.

Thanks! - Ox