Mastodon: plugin mechanism and CSV importer

I would like to use Mastodon CSV importer. It seems there is a plugin mechanism in Mastodon, but I cannot find the information on how to install a specific plugin (here the CSV importer):

Also, where is the expected format of these CSV files specified?

The plugins are annotated with SciJava plugin annotations and should be picked up automatically, if the respective artefact is found by Fiji.

To do it manually, you would clone the mastodon-pasteur project from github, build it with maven package, and drop the resulting jar in your folder.

@tinevez Is there already an update site that has the mastodon-pasteur package?


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Ok great, I will work on that! I am also writing a Matlab to Mamut format exporter, in case anybody is interested. Will share it once tested.


Yes: the Mastodon-jungle one. Highly unstable, unsupported.

First line for header, the rest is classic csv.