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Hi @tpietzsch,

I am working right now on Java code for object tracking.
Is there an Interface that I could obey to such that my code could be easily integrated at some point into Mastodon?

Cheers, Tischi

Hi @Christian_Tischer

I take the liberty to answer.
Check this repo:

The interface you are looking for is this one:

And you want to check its hierarchy.

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Thanks! Looks very interesting!

It’s going to be great!
Don’t forget to tell us back if you are making your own tracker!

Right now, I am writing some code to follow along an object using PhaseCorrelation, assuming that the object does not move to much such that it can be found in a close neighbourhood…
Maybe you have something like this already?

Not at all.
So far I just rewrote the algorithms in TrackMate, optimizing them for Mastodon data structures.

Do you guys also have reusable classes for over-laying tracks in BigDataViewer?

Have a look at (and the whole org.mastodon.revised.bdv.overlay package).

I’m not sure, how stable this API actually will remain, but in the worst case you can copy&paste what you need…

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May I ask another question: Is Mastodon also set up to handle object representations in terms of label masks (labelings) or are you mainly dealing with “expanded points”? The reason I am asking is that for shape feature computations one would, I guess, need the labelings…

Hi @Christian_Tischer
No, Mastodon just does ellipsoids. No masks or labelings.
Maybe in a future project?