Mass Excel Export


I want to export several tifs at once into a single excel sheet using BiofilmQ. This way I do not have to consolidate the data onto a single sheet later. Is this possible?

Thank you,


Hi L,

unfortunately this feature does not exist. However, you are not the first person to ask for this and we have already added it to our list of improvements to include in a future release. Maybe you could help us make that user friendly?

Specifically, I am wondering if you are mostly interested in combining files of global properties or local properties (or both)? What do you feel would be an intuitive way to structure these excel files? In the case of local properties, each column in the file typically corresponds to a property and each row to a cube, such that different images would either need to be added below each other (e.g. with a new columns corresponding to the file name) or as additional sheets in the same file. Do you have any personal preference between these options?

Thank you for your feedback!