Marzhauser Tango random crash

Hi there,

We have been doing HCS time-lapses with MM2 for a while, but we “randomly” encounter a bug with our Marzhauser Tango stage from time to time. It just stops working, with a message indicating a loss of communication. No idea why. I attach the corresponding part of the CoreLog in case someone could find out what the problem is.
Thanks in advance for any input.stage_log_bug.txt (22.8 KB)

It looks like there is indeed no answer coming from the serial port. Are you using a USB to serial adapter? It is worth trying to updat the drivers for that adapter or change to another one (there is a list here:, but it is severely out of date). If the USB to serial is build-into the Marzhauser stage, see if there is a newer driver, and/or contact Marzhauser for support.

Thanks for the advice.
It is USB connected. I just contacted Marzhauser service to get their opinion.
If a valid solution comes out, I’ll post it back here.