Markers doesn't save



Dear fiji users

I would like to save my markers, but the programm doesn’t react. Is there an upper limit of markers that you could save? (I have until now 9961 markers) The programm didn’t have any problem when I was counting.

Thanks in advance



Can you clarify a bit? What do you mean by ‘markers’? Are you referring to ROIs saved to the ROI Manager?

Just let us know your exact workflow… so we can better help you. :slight_smile:



The built in multi-point tool can save up to 65k markers (points). Here is some JavaScript code that generates an image with 60,000 markers in 10 categories (counters):

  nPoints = 60000;
  size = 1000;
  img = IJ.createImage("Untitled", "8-bit black", size, size, 1);
  points = new PointRoi(size/2, size/2);
  ran = new Random();
  for (i=0; i<nPoints-1; i++) {
     x = ran.nextFloat()*size;
     y = ran.nextFloat()*size;
     points.addPoint(x, y);

And here is a screenshot: