"Mark as obsolete" unavailable and difficulties to work with uploader

Dear community,

I have been trying to work with the Plugin uploader and update-sites for a while now, and I must admit that I find it very difficult to use.
I would like to rename and move one of my file. It is currently located in $FIJI/plugins/MyLibrary.jar and I want it to be in $FIJI/jars/MySuperLibrary.jar. How can I do that? I suspect I have to mark MyLibrary.jar as obsolete and then upload the new plugin, but I cannot figure out how to mark MyLibrary.jar as obsolete:

  1. When I open the Updater in advanced mode, and choose “View files of the ‘MySite’ site”, I see the file located on “MySite”
  2. If I right-click on one of my file, I can see an advanced menu with “Mark obsolete (MySite)”, but nothing happens if I click this menu
  3. If I left click on “Up-to-date” for one of my file, the “Mark obsolete (MySite)” menu does not appear anymore, but I can choose to “Upload to MySite”, “Keep as-is” and “Uninstall”.

So what is the protocol to rename a plugin? or to move a plugin?

Finally, I made a mistake one year ago by uploading random plugins available in Fiji’s core (3D Viewer, and two others). How can I remove them definitely from my account now? The FAQ suggests to contact an administrator, but I could not find a form to do so. Am I at the wrong place?

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There are two separate instructions for deleting a file vs unshadowing it (when it is hosted on another update site). I edited the FAQ to try and make this clearer.

Treat renaming a plugin as delete the old file and then simply upload the “new” (renamed) version.

For these files you want to follow the unshadowing instructions.

This is only if a file needed to be deleted for privacy reasons. You should be able to resolve these problems via the updater. But, you did find the right place. :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum.