Mark a landmark on frontal view to show on sagittal view


I am working on taking measurements of CTs of knees and one of the measurements requires to mark a landmark in the frontal view and then I need to scroll through the sagittal plane slices to find this marker.

Is there a way make a marking on one stack and then have it show on the combined stack from another view?

I am not sure if I am explaining this well but I have attached an image that hopefully will illustrate this better. The vertical line running along image A represents the slice along the sagittal view where the measurement is to be taken (image B).


Hi @lexiem,

Welcome to the forum.

I noticed it’s been a little while and you haven’t answered anyone. I thought I’d suggest you try the View5D (Image > Stacks > View5D).

It at least allows measurements in 3D as you view all three views at the same time.

Good luck.