Manual Tracking results format change

I’ve returned to analysing some data generated with the Manual Tracking plugin in FIJI. I’ve found two separate issues with the format of the results from Manual Tracking.

  1. Results now have 7 columns in total whereas previously (last year) there were 8. The first column used to have the row number (1-indexed) with a blank header. This change causes my analysis routine to crash. I can fix this but I’m wondering if anyone knows why the format of results changed and if it is likely to change again?

  2. The results cannot be read back in by the plug-in. There is a GitHub issue from last year suggesting a fix. Is it possible someone can fix this functionality? It’s very useful to go back to the movies with the outputs.

I’ve investigated this further. The status of the plugin is None ( so I guess a fix is unlikely. I am replying here in case others run into this problem.

Problem The output of Manual Tracking is a comma-separated file, but this cannot be read back in by the plugin.
This can be fixed in one of two ways:
Editing the plugin by adding:
Token=new StringTokenizer(line,",");
to and recompiling.
Replacing commas in the output files to the tab character.

Either of these two things will fix the functionality of the plugin. But there is a separate issue which prevents that from working properly.

When the file is read back in, the first row (containing headers) and the first column (containing index) are ignored. Currently (Fiji Is Just) ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-69/1.52i; Java 1.8.0_66 [64-bit]; Mac OS X 10.14.2; 174MB of 13040MB (1%) Manual Tracking output lacks an index - unless I’m missing something in settings somewhere. So although the plugin can be made to work the data are in the wrong columns after reading back in.

My solution Write something to reformat the output so that it can be read in by the original plugin.