Manual specles Identification




First of all I would like to thank you not only for creating such a great analysis tool but also for making it free and, therefore, available to everyone!

I started using CellProfiler a few months ago and I’m trying to create the most logical pipe line to quantify foci in lymphocytes.
To better compare the foci scoring results obtained with this program and those of manual counting I used the “IdentifyPrimManual” module but it seems more adapted to outline bigger objects like cells. (Which is great of course, but having to click three times for each focus is a bit annoying after a while)

Would it be possible to add to this module the possibility of counting just by clicking once?

Thanks a lot

M. Valente



This seems reasonable. Perhaps we could make it such that with a shift-click only a single pixel would be counted. I’ll put this on our ToDo list, but since it will work as coded now (albeit with lots of clicking), it will likely not make it into the next release. But stay tuned.

Thanks for the suggestion,