MaMut data import from Matlab

I’m new here, so not sure if I’m posting this correct.

So I have already 2D trajectories in Matlab. Exporting them to a normal text file such as .csv is no problem. I want to visualize them with MaMut, but could not find any import options. The only things that works are tracks from TrackMate. I created an example to see the file format of MaMut trajectories. I only found the .xml format, which is quite unintuitive to work with in Matlab. I found some struct2xml converter scripts and it works well for importing, but the export messes things up. Another point is the enrmous size of .xml format. For me 2 simple integer positions are sufficient, but in .xml it is converted to one line with 172 characters, which is totally not needed.
There are 2 ID tags, 1 name tag, 1 time tag, 1 frame tag, quility, radius and visibility tag.

So what I need to know is if there are other formats for MaMut?
Do I need all of these tags If I’m not using them anyway?