Making update site live

Hey, I have been trying to make my plugin live after setting up a wiki account and associating an update site with it, it all works well and I can see my plugin on the But it is not live and people are not able to see it in the table of update sites if they click on update in Fiji, I followed the instructions here:

I am attaching the screenshots that show that the folder is present on the and another screenshot where people are not able to se eit on the update sites table. How do I make my plugin live?

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Dear @kapoorlab,

You can add your own update site to this list by registering a wiki account and editing the table yourself. Please maintain alphabetical order, but please do not change the format of the table—you will most likely break the updater if you do this.

I couldn’t find the update site in the list on the List of update sites entry in the Wiki. The updater will automatically pick up all the update sites that are listed in the table on the Wiki (which is independent of the creation of an update site). Since it’s a wiki, go ahead and edit the table to add your update site! :+1:



Thanks, I did not realise that I had to add it in there, I thought when they said table they meant the manage update sites table, didn’t realise that they were talking about the table below!

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Thanks for the input! I edited the page accordingly so it’s a little more clear (literally, just added the word “below” so developers know it’s referring to the wiki table).