Making multiple ROIs to appear on the rest of the stacked image

Hello. I have a stacked images (calcium movie). In this movie I selected multiple cells by adding a few ROIs (with polygon selection tool) to a very first image in the time lapse movie. Now I can measure average intesities inside of these individual ROIs in the first image. But how can I make it appear on the rest of images in the movie stack? My goal is to measure intensity differences inside of each individual ROI within time. Thank you.

Dear @1timur1,

if you have added all your ROIs in the first image to the ROI Manager, you can use More > Multi Measure in the ROI Manager to do measurements in all the images. You should also enable the Display label option in Analyze > Set measurements so that you know which row contains the measurements for which ROI.

An alternative option is to use Images > Stacks > Plot Z-axis profile which will generate a plot of the mean intensity along the third axis of an images (don’t get confused by the name). This, however, does only operate on the currently active selection (in contrast to Multi Measure which measures all the ROIs in the Manager if none is selected).


Wonderful! It works!! Have a wonderful afternoon!!
Is it also possible to built plots of multiple ROIs at the same time?