Making and plotting new ROI through the use of x,y coordinates

Hello, I am very new to ImageJ (Fiji) so please excuse my inexperience. I was wondering if there was a way to create and plot new ROI’s (points) on a image by entering the x, y coordinates desire for each?

Bit of context; I have been using Fiji to analyse/ track the positions of desired “spots” in an image manually (selecting the spot manually and creating a ROI which i use to track it move through a stack). A model has also been created using Matlab and i am trying to compare the “spots” and their positions found by myself and those selected for by the model. Is there a plug-in or easier way of doing this than individually through sight?

Any help would be appreciated.

Could you please post some examples of the images you are trying to analyse? I have used the plugin - ‘Trackmate’ to analyse clathrin foci (which are again round spots at the plasma membrane). This plugin worked quiet well for me, not sure if you already tried this.

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You can do this easily with an ImageJ macro. Example:

Macro API:

Use the macro recorder to get different macro commands easily: