Making an account on the wiki?

So, I’m not sure if I’m the biggest dummy in the world for asking this, but how on earth do you make an account on the wiki? I’ve spent a lot of time clicking around and searching, and the only link I found that referenced making an account was faulty and led to a page that doesn’t exist. I’m trying to make an Update site so I can easily update Fiji and have easy access to the thousands of available plugins, but I can’t seem to make it past the first step! Thank you so much in advance to whoever helps my poor dumb soul.

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Example: This dead link

This one doesn’t work either (remove the spaces, for some reason the last half of the URL disappears when I leave it all compressed) < imagej-wiki-account >

Update: I checked the forum and realized the update sites have been moved to github. Now, if someone wouldn’t mind giving me an explanation as to how to import updates from the update sites using GitHub (I have an account already and have cloned all the update sites), that would be much appreciated!

This is where I’m getting stuck.It’ll allow me to enter information in the first 3 fields, but not enter a password, which I believe would allow me to make an account? image

Hi @JungleJim4322

does this help?


As @ehrenfeu pointed out, the link to create a wiki account is here. It is linked at the bottom of every wiki page under Personal Tools as “Create account.” But I agree it is easy to miss; sorry for that.

If all you want to do is use ImageJ/Fiji, you do not need an ImageJ wiki account. The reason to make an ImageJ wiki account is if you want to contribute to and/or edit the documentation at

The URL has never been valid. Where did you see it? Could you please share a link to the faulty/outdated documentation? Then we can fix it! :wrench:

You do not need any accounts on any servers in order to use Fiji, or to enable update sites. Just download Fiji, unpack it, run it, then choose Help › Update… from the menu, click the “Manage update sites” button, and check the update sites you want to enable.

Here is a tutorial:

To be precise: the list of built-in update sites has moved to GitHub. The actual update sites themselves are still hosted at and elsewhere on the Internet—anyone can host their own update site if they wish. The page on GitHub just aggregates those links so that ImageJ’s “Manage Update Sites” dialog knows about them automatically.

You do not need to use GitHub. Just use Help › Update… from within ImageJ.

That “Personal update site setup” dialog box is intended for creating your own personal update site, so that you can distribute plugins you have created to others. Is that what you are trying to do? If so, please see this tutorial:

Hope that helps clarify things. Please ask if anything is still unclear!


Thank you so much, everyone! That helped a ton. As you can probably tell, I was kind of thrown into the deep end with this project, so any and all help is very much appreciated.

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Dear all,

I am trying to create my ImageJ wiki account to configure afterwards my update site according to the guidelines. All links provided in this forum are not working for me. I also do not find “Create account” option on the Wiki pages as suggested here.

Are there some technical issues or I overlook something?

@Alex_H, the ImageJ wiki is read-only since July and is being migrated to a new site, please see here for update site requests:

Thanks a lot! Will post request immadiately there