Make "Recent Commands" window persistent and non-modal

I’m an avid user of the “Repeat a recent command” that is found in Fiji’s Plugins>Utilities menu and can be quickly called using cmd+9. It opens a window with shortcuts to recently and frequently opened commands:

However, the window is a modal one, and can only be used by pressing a command before it disappears. It would be great to have this as a persistent, non modal window that would update constantly with the recently used commands and can be used to recall any of them at any time without having to call the Recent commands plugin each time.

Would it be possible to do this? Maybe @haesleinhuepf as you do wonders with the autocomplete stuff, does this sound reasonable? Ideally, a checkbox in the “Options” menu of the window to toggle persistent/single use mode would be great.



Here is an idea (dream). One solution could be that the command history recorded not only with those executed in REPL console (this is already there), but, and here is the idea, also with all commands selected via GUI menu tree recorded and appears in the REPL history when “persistent” checkbox in the script editor.

This is like integrating command recorder and “recent command” into the script editor. Really powerful.


Let me just get @frauzufall in the loop :wink:


Thanks Robert!!!
(I added all these exclamation marks because posts should be more than 20 characters :thinking:)


Hey @christlet,

just found some time. How about this:

If you like it, please give it a try. Just download the fiji_plugins.jar and replace its predecessor in your Fijis plugins directory.

If you say it’s working fine and doesn’t break former workflows, I’m happy to file a pull request about my changes on github.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think that really makes a lot of sense!



Hi @haesleinhuepf
Thanks a lot for this! Unfortunately it does not work for me (OSX 10.14.6, Java 1.8.202, ImageJ 2.0.0 rc69). When using the new Fiji Plugins, the recent commands window opens but is still modal, I can’t do things anywhere else when it is open.

Test case:

  • Open AuPbSn
  • Launch the Recent commands window
  • (optional) check “consistent” in the Recent commands window’s options
  • Try interact with the opened image (zooming with + or -, draw a ROI)
  • Nothing happens
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Just realized that you have to also uncheck the “Modal” option. D’oh! It works now.

Maybe one could merge “Make Persistent” and “Modal” as I can’t really see why anyone would want (non-presistent + non modal) or (persistent + modal) use cases?

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Hey @christlet,

that absolutely makes sense! I can do it, but something just comes to my mind: Do you by chance have a computer scientists in your lab who might want to learn how to contribute to ImageJ? I’d be happy to show him or her like here :wink:

Let me know - no pressure. I can also just do the change - and I’m happy to.


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I have to say your niceness and kindness is much more motivating to try to understand how Java works than the blunt “if you want want X in Fiji just do it yourself” some used to answer :slightly_smiling_face: So far I’m the only one coding in Fiji in the lab but that’s not a bad idea! I’ll see what I can do.

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Oh don’t worry. I just thought I recently heard you hired a computer guy. Let me do this little change for you! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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