Make a mistake to upload a file.AVI

Dear Mr./Ms. Admins,

I made a mistake to upload a file.AVI by “Upload Sample Image…”.
While the uploading was going on, i closed window of (Fiji Just) ImageJ with uploading to prevent this. At the same time, the other window of (Fiji Just) ImageJ is still open because i opened two windows. Now i am not sure if the upload is successful or not. If successful, i would like to deleted it. Could you please help me do this? What do i need to provide for this?

Thanks so much.


@Jack Sorry for the long delay in reply. And no worries—we do not really use the “Upload Sample Image” feature anymore for sharing data. Rather, we encourage public sharing via the forum here, or with a share link from a cloud service. At some point I will fully remove the “Upload Sample Image…” command from ImageJ.