MaestroServo as Z-drive


I’m interested in using Pololu’s Maestro-controlled servos for Z (and maybe XY) motorization of microscopes. My installation of Micro-Manager recognizes and controls the servos quite well, but (if I got it right) in order to use them in such tools as Slide Explorer Plugin I have to register the servo as a Z-controlling hardware.

Is there a simplier way to do that than to write a full device adapter? Maybe some workaround via pycro-manager? I’m essentially a zero in Java/Python/C++, but pycro-manager seem to be much easier to use.



my CustomArduino - Micro-Manager device adapter has an example that emulates a Marzhauser LStep Z stage.

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Hi Jerome,

Thanks a lot for the tip. I’ll check the code, and maybe just switch to Arduino in combination with your adapter. Glad hearing that such a solution already exists; it wasn’t readily obvious from the list of supported devices. Thanks again.

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Just curious, how do you set up the servo as a focus stage (hardware-wise)? I think that it should be relatively straight forward to change the adapter code to make the device appear as a stage (or more likely, to have a choice whether it will appear as a Generice Device or a Stage Device), but it sure is work to write that code.

The most promising idea is to attach the servo to the coarse focus knob and transfer the movement via a small gear on the servo and a large gear on the fine focus knob. It seems to give the most stable connection and possibility to keep using the coarse knob manually. Connections to the stage controllers are a bit more difficult, but still seem to be feasible on this microscope.
Thanks for the thoughts about the device adapter!